Brabo Magic Boxer Shorts. $12.

UNWRAP, PLACE IN WATER & WATCH IT EXPAND! Magic Boxer Shorts are fun sized pajamas that are great for kids, gifts and traveling.  These boxer shorts are veryaffordable, versatile and the perfect gift item! Magic Boxer Shorts are unisex; suitable for women, men, boys and girls of all ages. Unisex means that they are closed at the front. There is no open fly or buttons.  They are specially designed this way since many women love to wear them as lounge wear.

  • Dimension in packaging: x x

Certified Eco-Friendly
Brabo's Magic Boxer Shorts are made of 100% natural, chemical free, Eco-friendly® ultra soft cotton. All are printed with water based dyes, using no harmful chemicals. Our production process reduces waste and only minimal packaging is needed and used. All products pass and exceed the most stringent testing requirements of countries like the USA, Canada, the European Union, Japan or Australia. We certify that all of our products are tested.





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